Sales Development: Effective Steps in Product Sales Development

Sales development is a regular program for the business that promotes sales activities that are currently underway and make the company profitable. Planning to develop a sales process is usually done through sales staff or hiring a sales representative. Developers selling a company’s products and services have detailed plans for doing so.

The development plan is usually done for more sales over a period of time, and all activities are focused on this area. The performance of a sales team to develop goals is directly related to their capabilities, and this factor can determine the difficulty or difficulty of achieving goals. Since the successful performance of the sales team depends on their efficiency and ability to communicate with the customer, all these coordination should be done based on the decision of the sales team manager.

Sales development requires ongoing training. The sales team manager must develop plans to train his team and increase their skills. If you also manage the sales department of a company, you need to provide such items to your employees. In the next section, we will get acquainted with the most important skills that are very effective in sales development for the company.

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Skills needed to develop sales in the business

Now that you know the importance of sales development and special training in this area, we may need to take a look at the skills needed in this area. When it comes to sales strategy and sales development, people need to have positive abilities to succeed in this field among competitors.

First skill: time management

You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business. Time management helps you succeed more than ever before. Understanding the concept of time management means that you know exactly when to use which applications and strategies. If your sales planning is time-limited, you definitely need time to do sales activities, and you need to manage that throughout the day.

In times of crisis, some sales plans include discount or special sales plans that start at a certain time of the day and end at another time. Better and more efficient performance for this time period is possible only in the shadow of time management. As a sales manager and sales staff, try to work with people who are focused on time management. Time management in sales development is an acquired skill that is acquired through practice and planning.

Skill Two: Active Listener

Being an active listener is the most important part of sales development, but it is not made by everyone! People who are able to listen carefully to what the other person is saying are, in fact, highly skilled at seeking and gathering information. 

If you listen carefully to your customers and audience, you will most likely find out which of your products and services are most welcome and exactly what they are looking for in the future. In this way, you identify their challenges and adjust your sales development strategies accordingly.

Listening skills provide better opportunities to get to know customers and their needs. This skill can be considered an effective factor for success in market research and information analysis. An active listener establishes a better relationship with the customer and the audience, which leads to satisfaction and trust in that business.

Third skill: effective communication with customers

While listening skills are critical to sales development, verbal communication and written communication skills are important along with this factor, both of which contribute to sales success. If effective communication with the audience and even communication with your colleagues is established in a favorable way, it will be possible to share new ideas for better sales. People should be able to write their ideas and ideas well on paper with correct and respectful sentences.

People who work in sales and sales development are skilled people who answer the audience’s questions accurately and use the best words and sentences in their speech. Better communication means gaining trust, which in turn will lead to better and more sales in the future.

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Skill 4: Search and research skills

Having the skill of searching and researching on various topics is a key skill for sales development. In particular, the person who manages the sales team needs to acquire this practical skill. To access reputable and quality research and search resources, one must know how to search accurately and use resources that are tailored to the company’s goals.

Because resources are so diverse and include unreliable sources, the sales development representative and sales team manager need to know which resources provide the best database for their research. These resources should be in line with the company’s visions and missions.

Fifth skill: special importance to dedicated customers

As mentioned in the previous discussion, sales planning is done right after sales operations and market analysis and audience behavior. Sales development should start when the initial sales plans are successful, and a business decides to expand its market. Giving importance to the specific customers of a product or service in companies is part of this program. You may ask, how do we attract and care about dedicated customers? This is very simple!

Dedicated customers of a business are people who have used the company’s products and services over and over again, so by providing a list of their emails and contact numbers, you can strengthen the communication path between the company and the customer. Instead of building a complete list of different emails, invest in those customers. Do not forget that if your company’s regular customers are always satisfied, they can refer you to hundreds of other customers. Given this important factor, customer orientation is a key element in planning for sales development.

What does sales development mean?

Are you the best option for your customers? Share all the good and bad results with your customers and solve the problems that arise. Show at all times that you are doing your best and that you have specific plans in place to achieve mutual benefit. If you succeed, you will not only have a good relationship with your customers, but you will also succeed in creating a sense of satisfaction in your customers.

Focus on the details. Your customers love things that surprise them. Surprising customers is one of the principles that make sales development possible in the best possible way. That’s why details are important! This strategy is simple and at the same time the customer in this case understands well what he likes and what he does not like. By identifying positive elements and using them to your advantage, you can evoke certain emotions in your customers, which also increases your creativity.

Solve the most difficult problems. Once you know who your ideal customer is, the next important question is, how do you communicate with them? An ideal option at this time is to ask what is the main problem they are facing and no one else has solved it? Provide your customers with a clear solution with a practical plan. This opportunity allows you to lay a solid foundation for thinking about a long-term relationship.

How to persuade a customer to buy your product or service?

Let the customer “try” your product or service. Testing your services or products by customers is an important principle in sales development. Providing a “sample” of your work is a very effective marketing tool for selecting new customers and will be just as effective as running an accurate advertising campaign. It is safe to say that if customers are aware of your services, they will have an ideal opportunity to test your products or services.

Estimate customer expectations and go beyond that. Fulfilling the promise is the least you need to do to make your customers feel satisfied with the way you serve them. To achieve this important goal of “surprising customers” you need to know who your customer is? Meet with your employees and exchange information about the details of each buyer. Any moment and any time can be a good opportunity to surprise your new customers. It’s you who decides when and how to motivate the customer!

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Provide an experience that is different. You will need this trick to grow your sales. This experience can also include “targeted website visitors“. This means managing everything that can be seen. Combine all these emotions with your offer, so that you can capture all the emotions of your customers. The goal is to experience a stimulus-like reaction. Sales development can mean “perfect hosting” for customers. If you own a restaurant, put yourself in the customer’s shoes and check the following.

Would you like the chef to come to your table and ask you if you like the food he has prepared? Most likely, yes. These kinds of details are unforgettable for consumers, so never forget them. The best advice is to treat your customers like friends who decide to visit you. Do not disappoint them and create a complete and detailed space for them. In the end, they will be so happy that they will soon choose you in search of a similar or even better experience. Host them as they deserve!

Modern techniques for success in sales development

Gain customer trust. Does the service and the questions you ask show who you are and how you think? Having confidence with a smile can be a perfect example for you. Speak the language of the customer. Otherwise, the customer will feel uncomfortable because he does not understand what the proposed solution contains. Here it is recommended to provide specific solutions and in general do not forget to present a specific goal. If what you offer is a product, the key is to describe its benefits and how to solve the problem that the consumer is creating.

Always keep your customer communication channels open in order to succeed in sales development. Communication and follow-up are one of the most important rules to ensure a long-term relationship with customers. It is important for customers to know what their customers think, their level of satisfaction and their perception of your business. Tell the customer that their opinion of your business is important to you!

Build relationships with your customers and do not leave them alone, this is one of the most important principles in sales development. Make sure you stay in touch with your current customers or customers, rather than looking for new customers and contacts. Do your best to take care of this relationship. The desire to increase the number of new customers will prevent you from caring for existing customers who trust your business or service.

Constantly innovate and update your services to see the best possible sales development. Everything will be able to “get better”. So, use your knowledge and imagination to find out how to improve customer service day by day. There are countless elements that seem trivial at first glance but are actually very “key” to creating a different experience. For example, packing products or sending them for free, providing shopping advice to customers and. Are some of the best things that can be mentioned?

What is Sales Analysis?

Sales analysis is “the correct insight into sales data, steps and processes and criteria for setting goals and predicting future sales performance.” The best way to analyze, analyze and develop sales is to connect and closely link all activities to achieve results and set goals for the sales team. Sales analysis should focus on improving and formulating strategies to improve the performance of the sales team in the short and long term. A common example of sales analysis activities is setting specific goals and assigning roles and tasks to the work team.

Why control sales analysis?

Monitoring sales analysis in the form of sales metrics helps increase your company’s performance, optimize sales activities, and improve customer responsiveness. The sales team carries out extensive activities to focus and operate in a busy and fast-paced environment. A well-defined sales analysis and analysis strategy gives your company team focus and clarity so that they can focus on getting things done efficiently.

Sales analysis reports and dashboard or sales panel

It is very difficult to describe the data in the field of sales analysis. Many sales team members in companies generally do not have the necessary training and cannot work with CRM tools. They usually focus more on monetizing activities such as logging in and completing demos.

This makes perfect sense. You want to have the best sales team, and sales analysis should definitely accelerate this, not hinder it. One solution for sales process analysis is to display data analysis in the sales dashboard. Ideally, a simple dashboard conveys a clear message. This can be done using free tools like Google Sheets, PowerPoint or Excel.

Sales boards or panels for public data

One of the positive ways to increase the clarity and responsiveness of the sales analysis process is to display a sales scoreboard. A scoreboard can be displayed on television and used to track revenue performance according to a specific purpose. For example, tracking the performance of a company’s sales team in line with the monthly revenue target.

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The most important criteria for sales analysis and development

When analyzing and developing sales in organizations or companies, you can start by considering your sales metrics. Think about what metrics are inspiring and will make your team more focused.

  • Sales growth

Sales analysis revolves around your ability to website traffic growth. The slightest mistake can confuse the sales team looking for definitive answers in the data. If the data is reliable and accurate, it will be the best measure of sales growth.

  • Purpose of sales

This criterion follows the current performance contrary to the business goal. Companies aim to sell differently. Goal setting is based on the findings of sales analysis and development.

  • Opportunities

Sales analysis and development helps your company prioritize your actions. This will help prevent potential damage. This means that you identify opportunities correctly.

  • Check the sales history so far

By comparing your current sales to the previous period, the same period last year, you perform a quick analysis and get a valid history.

  • Product performance measurement

Sales analysis and development is very important for sales teams, especially for several products. This also helps with sales follow-up.

  • Leading and leading the sales team

Analyzing sales data allows team members to continually improve performance and consistently drive customer satisfaction.

  • Sales rate

Market development methods

Market development is a growth strategy that organizations use to develop new markets or find new market segments to sell existing products. The main goals of a market development strategy are to attract customers who do not buy the product or products. Some of the new sections are also targeted in this plan, but the main goal of the existing sections is the customers who do not buy your company’s product.

Organizations can start this process by promoting the product in a new area of ​​activity, or they can try customers in their area with different media. For example, specially flavored guava drinks that are advertised to children during a TV show can be advertised at a separate time, when the TV show airs.

Organizations can also show advertisements in the same area as the ad on the children’s television program, but the advertisements can also be broadcast during the teen television program. These examples mean that you are implementing market development methods to different models so that more customers will know you and buy.

This means that organizations can target different people in the same area or the same people in another area. This is one of the strategies to expand the market for existing products. This effort is made to increase and develop sales and sometimes may require a new strategy for a new segment of customers. For example, when a product moves from one country to another, the company may decide to change the brand, advertising or message; Because different regions will have new customers who need different targeting strategies.

4 key steps in market development that you need to know

In any company, there comes a time when growth and sales are limited, and the market is saturated. In such cases, the company must look for new markets for its existing products. To implement the market development strategy and methods, the organization must go through various stages. Before implementing a market development strategy for sales development, the organization must first have specific and general goals and appropriate business goals, as well as careful planning to achieve it. The following are four organizational steps in market development:

  • Identify the target market

Before starting and implementing market development methods, the company must think about the customer. The main question at this stage is to answer who your customer is. Customers can vary in age, gender, status, investment, occupation and many other factors. A specific target market always helps the organization to plan its market development accordingly.

With the help of digital marketing, advertisements, very clearly and transparently, target the selected audience so that the advertisement does not lead to a random and numerous other audience, Audiences that waste resources. Likewise, if the target market is not properly defined, there is a possibility that the market development process will be disrupted.

  • market research

The next step is to do a thorough market research on your customers and products. Market research can be very useful to answer many questions such as the financial characteristics of the target audience, the audience income level, competing products used by the audience in the market, the reasons why customers use your competitor products, etc.

Proper market research will help to create a coherent market development plan. Analyzing people’s shopping habits, understanding their interests, the impact of various factors that affect customer shopping behavior such as climate, geographical location, political factors, sociological factors, etc., following what goods the customer is currently using and why it is used is the most important part of market research.

Also, following changes in the number of target customers and what is the best way to deliver your product or service to customers is helpful in creating a complete market development plan. In addition to performance on potential customers, market research has also been conducted on competitors. Knowing the number of competitors and their location, the products or services they offer, the pricing structure of competing products, their performance history and their strengths and weaknesses are factors that help to create a healthy development in the market.

  • Decision making

After completing the market analysis and research process, you will have a good idea of ​​your product growth potential in the current market. If the market plan is profitable and can make a good profit, then you can enter the market.

There is always the risk of entering a new market and your ability to accept this risk determines whether you really want to enter the market or not ?!
Even if you have the slightest hesitation in entering the market, then certainly no market will be suitable for your product, but if you are reasonably risk-averse, the market will be good enough. If you find that the market is not right, then there is always the opportunity to enter other markets.

  • Have a plan to enter the market

Once you have decided to move forward with the new market, the next step will be to develop and implement as well as implement a great strategic plan to promote your product or service.

At this point, there are a number of other key points that are as follows:

To introduce and promote the company’s product in the new target market, there must be a detailed marketing plan and advertising plan. This plan should include many factors such as the point of purchase, the media, the advertising plan and the advertising media that you intend to use. If you want to use a sales development strategy, then you need to have the right salespeople with the right advertising tools to get new customers.

The supply and distribution of products depends on the nature of the product and the geographical area of ​​your company. It also depends on the quality of the customer, but primarily, it is the nature of the product or service that determines the type of delivery to the customer. If there are several suppliers between you and the customer, they should also be involved in market development planning and sales development.

Because customers are located in the new target area, you need to focus on their needs. Losing a customer is much easier than gaining a customer. Customer satisfaction survey, after-sales service, will help you know what customers like or dislike about your product or service.

5 Types of Market Development That Market Experts Need to Know!

Types of market development can be classified depending on the strategy that the organization adopts. The following are the different types of market development:

  • Similar area, different customers

As the name implies, the company will target new customer segments in the same area where the product is being sold. The only thing companies have to work on in this way is product positioning. The benefits of the product should be explained in a way that convinces the new segment of the target, but at the same time, does not prevent existing customers from using it.

  • Different areas, the same as previous customers

In this strategy in market development methods, the organization generally moves to another demographic area to target customers of the same group. For example, if a particular brand exists in one city and is only for professionals, the same specialists will be targeted even in another city.

Here the company has changed the geographical area but kept the target customers the same as the previous specialists. However, organizations need to keep in mind that there are many factors to consider when changing geographies.

If you sell physical goods, tracking your sales against total inventory is analytically important. This informs your company’s supply chain and helps you make more accurate sales forecasts.

What are the main reasons for creating a sales ranking table?

  • Track individual sales or team sales in real time
  • Evaluate sales performance over a period of time
  • You compare sales performance directly across several sales metrics
  • You use friendly competition to motivate your sales team
  • Create a transparent, data-driven work environment
  • Drive and paid traffic to website
  • Instead of waiting and probing for quarterly reports, you make decisions based on data
  • Different area, different customers

In this part of the market development methods, the company has a significant risk for growth. As the name implies, the product remains the same, but the region is different and even the customers are different.

  • Change the packaging or dimensions of the product

In this way, to develop sales, the company can modify the packaging to suit the needs of the target market or change the dimensions of the product.

  • Use new channels for distribution

Many companies are switching from physical stores to online stores. This not only saves the company money, but also helps to reach markets that have not been considered before. To adapt to this new distribution strategy, the organization needs to make a lot of changes, and it is likely to be a strategic plan as well.


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