How to Effectively Sell Your Product or Service? Methods of selling goods

Some things seem very difficult, but when we start them, we just realize how easy they were. Selling the product is one of them. Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves. If you know the tricks and methods of selling a product, you can easily make money this way.

Are you skilled in making and producing art tools, decorative accessories or hand tools? This article will help you sell your work easily. If you are planning to start buying and selling different goods, reading this article is more important for you than dinner. We are going to introduce you to all the ways to sell the product and tell you which way to sell the product works best. So be sure to read the rest of this article.

How do I sell my goods?

Every product you have for sale must be sold in one of two ways. Either physically and traditionally or through cyberspace. Each of these methods has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the way the product is sold in them is different. For this reason, in the following, we will fully explain about selling the product physically and selling the product online.

How do I sell my products?

Sell ​​the product in the shop and physical store

When it comes to selling a product, the physical store is the first place that comes to mind. There are two ways to sell physical and traditional. Either you have to open a shop yourself and sell your products directly in it, or you have to give the goods to one or more stores to be sold to you. After a while, if your product sells well, the shopkeeper will be willing to buy it from you and sell it in his own shop.

Establish a store to sell the product

If you are not a manufacturer or importer of the product yourself, the best way is to have a shop and sell the products directly. Because shopkeepers and other stores buy your goods at a lower price to make a profit on it. Of course, setting up a shop is not that simple and has its own problems.

The first challenge in setting up a physical store is the high cost of renting the store. Wherever you are in the country, to rent a small shop, you have to pay several million tomans in advance and a few million shop rents every month. In addition to these, you should also add the cost of advertising the shop. If you do principled advertising, it will definitely be several times more profitable for you than advertising. In the article ” Shop Advertising Methods to Increase Sales ” we have explained more about shop advertising. In this way, we conclude that you have to have a lot of capital to start a shop.

The shop, on the other hand, has various costs such as showcase, decoration, shelving, monthly receipts and billboards. Shop windows and decorations are one of the most important things to do, as they have a huge impact on your sales. In the article ” Shop and store decor design guide for more sales “, we explained more about shop decoration and the things you should follow.

Sell ​​the product in a shop or store

In addition, you should have a large number of ready-to-sell products in the shop. In general, the establishment of a shop is suitable for those who want to start their own business with a large capital. If you want to start a shop or you already have a shop, the article ” Increasing shop sales ” will definitely come in handy.

Sell ​​the product to physical stores

If you do not have a lot of money to start a shop, one way is to sell the products to other shops. You can also work with physical shops or stores to sell your goods. This method no longer has the costs of setting up a shop. Of course, finding a shop that is willing to buy your product is not an easy task.

On the other hand, in order to be profitable from selling the product, the shops buy the goods from you at a few percent below the market price. Therefore, your profit will be less in this method. I suggest you use this method to sell your product first and with the money you earn this way, later set up a shop to sell your products.

Selling goods to shops and stores

Advantages of selling a product in a physical store

1_ Direct communication with the customer and persuading him to buy

2_ Having a place to place and store goods

3_ Attracting customers is easy and fast

4_ You can make money in a short time

Disadvantages of selling goods in physical stores and shops

1_ Very high cost of setting up shop

2_ You must have a large number of products in the store

3_ Advertising is limited and difficult for the shop

4_ It has a high risk and may cause you a lot of damage

5_ When the shop is closed, for example, when you travel, you have no income

6- Establishing a shop requires various licenses such as a business license

7- You have to pay taxes and duties

8- If the shop is not in a suitable place, it will not have a customer

9_ The customers of the shop are limited to the surrounding neighborhoods

Sell ​​the product via the Internet

Gradually, as the Internet became popular, so did the way customers shopped. Gone are the days when the customer could only buy from a physical store. Customers now have powerful and convenient tools like the Internet that allow them to buy even from other countries.

There are several ways to sell a product online. You need to choose one or more methods for online sales depending on your circumstances and needs. In the following, we will introduce the ways of selling the product on the Internet.

Build a store site

One of the best and most profitable ways to sell your product online is to set up a store site for yourself. Then put your products in it and sell easily. There are several ways to design and build a store site.

Sell ​​the product via the Internet

Let’s go straight to the easiest and fastest way to design a store site. Store-building services have been around for some time. The purpose of these services is to make the site accessible to all. This means that each person alone and without the need for technical knowledge can build their own site and earn money from it. In the article ” What is a store builder?” »We have explained more about shop builders.

A good store builder should be safe, have beautiful templates and meet your needs. In the article ” Checklist for choosing the best store builder “, we stated the factors for choosing a suitable store builder. Now you need to choose a good store builder that has the features and characteristics you need.

Among the various instrument stores that exist, Portal Store Builder has been able to be named one of the best and most popular Iranian services. The reason is free support services and ease of use of the store builder. With the portal, you can even create a great and attractive site with a mobile phone and without a computer.

Now the question may arise for you how to build a website to sell products with shop builders? Do not worry because building a site with a store builder is very simple. Just go to the site templates page and select one of the 50 portal templates for your site.

Selling goods on the Internet site

After that, register in the portal maker store and enter your user panel. In this panel, some educational videos are placed for you. By watching these videos, you will learn how to work with the store builder and how to add the product and other necessary items. After that, you can easily build your site in the shortest possible time. In the article ” How to build a professional and best-selling online store? We have fully explained the method of building the site.

The most important feature of building a store site is that you do not have to give a percentage of the product price to anyone. That’s why your profit is so much higher this way. Of course, in order for your site to be successful and visible, you must follow a series of principles. For example, use high quality and real product images, write complete descriptions for products, have online payment, and so on. In the article ” Factors of a successful and best-selling online store “, we have fully described the characteristics of a good store site.

Product sales on social media

Every day, a large number of people, including your customers, use social networks. For this reason, social networks such as Instagram, which are very popular in Iran, are a good place to sell products. You can easily create an Instagram page and sell your products on it.

If you want to sell your products through Instagram, I suggest you read the article “How to build a store on Instagram “. Many people were able to earn very high income just by selling the product on Instagram. This shows how much potential social media has for businesses.

Product sales on social media

Succeeding at Instagram is not that easy and you have to keep trying. In addition to these, you must follow a series of principles on your page to attract more audiences. For example, you need to create an attractive bio for your page right from the start. In the article ” Does your Instagram bio attract people in the first 3 seconds?” We taught you how to create a good bio for Instagram.

A beautiful logo will definitely have a big impact on your audience and encourage them to follow your page. That’s why you should read the article ” Free logo design for Instagram ” and create an attractive and free logo for your page.

After doing this, it is time to produce content. One of the most common mistakes on Instagram is that store pages only post photos of the product. The basic method for selling a product on Instagram is that about 70% of your posts should be educational and attractive, and only 30% of the posts should be to introduce the product.

That’s why you need to take content production on Instagram seriously. You may be wondering how do I produce content? We wrote the article ” Complete site and Instagram content production checklist ” for exactly this purpose. In this article, we have explained all the necessary points and steps of producing content on Instagram.

After a while, you put some good content on the page and the appearance of the page started, it’s time to attract followers. There are several ways to attract followers on Instagram. For example, you can advertise or collaborate with similar pages. By reading the article “The latest ways to increase Instagram followers ” you will learn different ways to increase real followers on Instagram.

To sell a product and earn money from Instagram, you must introduce your product. Advertising is one of the best ways to promote your business on Instagram. Of course, not every ad works and you should be familiar with the principles of advertising on Instagram and its methods. So before you start advertising on Instagram, be sure to take a look at the article ” Complete training on highly effective advertising on Instagram .”

Selling goods in the police market

Police markets are online stores that do not have products to offer themselves. These stores have several suppliers who put their products on the site and sell them. Anyone who has a product for sale can put it in the police market and sell it. The police market also receives a percentage of the product price as a commission. is the largest and most visited police market in Iran, where several thousand sellers sell their products. You can also sell any product you have through Digikala and this way you can earn a good income. If you want to sell your products in, the article ” How to become a seller of Digikala? »Helps you.

The biggest disadvantage of selling in the police market is that you have to pay a percentage of the price of the products as a commission to the police market. Because of this, your profit will be less than selling products. Instead, the police market has a lot of visitors and your products are bought quickly.

Selling the product in the police market

The benefits of selling a product on the Internet

1_ Low cost and no need for large capital

2_ No geographical restrictions and attract more customers

3_ 24-hour activity without closure

4_ You do not need to have many goods for sale

5_ Advertising on the Internet is easier and more cost-effective by buying targeted traffic that converts

6_ Manage your store from anywhere you can

7_ Online store does not require a special license

8- The risk of setting up an online store is very low

9_ The online store needs less employees and manpower

10_ You do not need a warehouse, office or shop to sell online

Disadvantages of selling goods online

1- It is difficult to gain the trust of customers for online shopping

2_ It takes at least a few days to sell your first product

3_ You should take the time to pack the goods and send them

4_ You must have information in the field of online sales to increase your income

Sell ​​your products easily

Selling a product is not hard at all and it is easier than you think. You just have to choose the best way to sell your products. Now that the Internet and cyberspace have many users, the best thing to do is to sell your goods online. I suggest you build a store site and put your products in it. Then work on Instagram and sell your products this way.